Winning Bets With Sports Betting Handicapping


A lot of sports bettors believe that the only way to get a good winning average consistently is to be good at sports betting handicapping. Luck may still play a part in winning bets but research and analysis will still give a winning edge.

Handicapping in sports betting requires a lot more work you can imagine. The amount of statistical data required for handicapping to become effective is tremendous. The three main types of emixbet sports handicapping being used are fundamental, situational and technical handicapping. Each of these requires different statistical data on the teams that are playing.

Fundamental handicapping involves analyzing the winning statistics of both teams. If one team has more wins than the opponent team, then that team is said to have a fundamental advantage. Situational handicapping is somewhat similar to fundamental handicapping as it also analyzes which team has more wins but it also takes in consideration the circumstances behind each win. Technical handicapping analyzes how and where a team has more wins. A team that wins more at home is said to have a technical advantage when going against a team that does not do well when visiting.

Sports betting handicapping may be able to give a bettor an edge in selecting the winning team but more is required in order to gain a good winning average consistently. Handicapping will not be able to give you a 100% guarantee that you will win. This is why fund management and a good betting strategy are required in order to manage losses.

Many people who have learned how to make a living out of sports betting place straight bets rather than parlays. A consistent winning average requires a bettor to place money where there are more chances of winning even if it is a smaller amount. It is better to win smaller amounts consistently then win a big amount once and lose it all in subsequent bets.

Fund management and sports betting handicapping go hand in hand. Serious bettors know how to manage their limited resources even during times when losses seem to come one after another. Smart bettors will always decrease the amount of each bet when on a losing streak. Never chase your losses as you do not know when a losing streak will end. It is better to wait until the tide turns in your favor before increasing your bets again. Remember, emotions should have no parts in this wage process.

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